The success of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip has made fans realize that some Housewives could easily fit in with the women from other cities.

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Some Real Housewives are perfect for their city. Ramona Singer belongs in New York City, Kyle Richards is the epitome of Beverly Hills, and Teresa Guidice is the face of New Jersey. However, a handful of Housewives could easily pull off a switch and significantly impact another city. Some are great in their current city and could bring that greatness with them, while others don’t seem to fit in with their current cast.


Whitney Rose – Orange County

Whitney Rose RHOSLC

Whitney fits in great with her cast. She has history and knows a lot of people in Salt Lake City, many being distant relatives. The Mormon aspect of the show was a major storyline for most of the women during season one, and Whitney’s Mormon past gave fans the feeling that she was inexplicably Utah.

If there’s another city Whitney could thrive in, it’s Orange County. In the land of botox and scandals, Whitney could be a perfect fit, bringing her investigative personality to a city full of secrets. Although she has no current ties to the cast, it’s safe to assume that she would almost instantly bond with Gina and Emily. Watching her go head to head with Shannon would make for great television, as fans know Whitney is not afraid to talk about anything and refuses to back down.

Gina Kirschenheiter – New York City

Gina Kirschenheiter in Real Housewives

At first, Gina seemed like an odd fit in Orange County and fans wondered if she should be there at all. However, she has since gained more support, and Gina is now considered the most real Housewife by many fans. Her friendship with Emily is fun to watch, and her addition to the Tres Amigas was an interesting new side to Gina that fans appreciated.

While Gina has seemed to find her way in the OC, the New York native may have the most significant impact in her home city. Fans agree that RHONY needs youth in their cast, and Gina’s personality could be an excellent fit. Having spent time with Luann during their stint on Project Runway, Gina has a slight connection that could allow her to fall right in with the cast. Watching Gina go at it with Ramona and party it up with Sonja would make for entertaining television.

Lisa Barlow – New York City

lisa barlow RHOSLC

In her short time, Lisa has engraved herself as an icon of the franchise. Fans adore her self-appreciating quotes and relatability regarding her love for fast food. Being the only active Mormon on the cast, Salt Lake City feels like home for Lisa, and her work with the Sundance Film Festival gives her deep ties to the community.

Lisa is a New Yorker and could effortlessly fit in with the NYC cast with her overdramatic personality and outspoken nature. Lisa would bring something to New York that no other castmember has, a husband, and her businesses could thrive in the big city. Lisa doesn’t have ties to the existing cast, but meshing with the other women would not be difficult. It would be fun to watch Lisa quarel with Ramona and Leah, and it’s safe to assume that she would ruffle a lot of feathers in the city.

Meredith Marks – Beverly Hills

Meredith Marks RHOSLC

During season one, Meredith was underwhelming with her disengagement from confrontations annoying fans. Her separation from her husband, Seth, left viewers skeptical and, now back together, fans question whether their separation was honest or just for show. Meredith has since stepped up her game and has been surprisingly engaging.

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Although she has found her way in Salt Lake City, Meredith is likely to thrive in a less chaotic environment, and Beverly Hills is perfect for her laid-back personality. While Beverly Hills can be contentious, the focus on gossip and fashion is something that would fit Meredith well. She could fall into the Beverly Hills lifestyle relatively easily with her luxury jewelry business and love for glamor. It would be interesting to see how Meredith fares with the women of the 90210.

Cynthia Bailey – Beverly Hills

Cynthia Bailey On The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Cynthia spent eleven seasons throwing shade and setting fashion trends in Atlanta. She has done practically everything on the show from friend contracts to weddings and divorce. While she fits perfectly in Atlanta, Cynthia has the potential to impact other cities.

Cynthia could be a perfect fit in Beverly Hills. Although fans saw both sides of Cynthia and Kyle’s feud on RHUGT, it would be interesting to see Cynthia infiltrate Kyle’s home city full time. Cynthia would likely bond quickly with Garcelle, Crystal, and Georgia native Sutton while going toe to toe with Kyle, Dorit, and Lisa Rinna. The jump to Beverly Hills would be a small one for Cynthia with her connections already in place and her new husband Mike Hill living in Los Angeles.

Erika Girardi – Atlanta

Erika sitting at a table on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Erika brings the style, glam, and money that Beverly Hills is known for. However, Erika’s recent divorce and legal troubles could force her luxury lifestyle to dwindle in respect to that of the other RHOBH women.

Erika is a Georgia native and her ice cold demeanor and ability to throw shade would make her a great fit within the Atlanta group. Her bonds in the 90210 are strong; however, it would be a good change of pace to see Erika interact with notorious villain Kenya, long-time friend turned Housewife Marlo, and fellow artist Kandi. The city’s atmosphere would be much more intense than she is used to, but if anyone can handle the Atlanta heat, it’s Erika.

Sutton Stracke – Atlanta

sutton stracke RHOBH pink dress CROPPED

Sutton quickly made a name for herself being outspoken, slightly petty, and very rich, all ingredients that make a perfect Housewife. Unafraid to bring up complex topics and willing to apologize and move on, Sutton is someone who will keep the ball rolling no matter what city she represents.

Sutton’s southern belle personality and thick accent scream Georgia. While it would be a massive change of pace for Sutton, her overdramatic behavior and ability to throw shade with the best of them would make for interesting interactions with the Atlanta women, and it may be what she needs to toughen up.

Kenya Moore – Potomac

Kenya Moore Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Kenya has rocked Atlanta for eight seasons and made a name for herself as the villain fans love to hate. Although she has spent a lot of time feuding with practically every woman on the cast, Kenya has also built genuine friendships.

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While Kenya doesn’t necessarily need Potomac, Potomac may need Kenya. Fans would love to see a true villain in Potomac to shake things up. While she would likely get along with the Potomac women, she would also come for all of them at least once. A reading war between Kenya and Karen would be must-see-TV, and her eventual feud with Candiace would not be for the weak at heart.

Jen Shah – New Jersey

During season one, Jen impacted Salt Lake City as the outspoken and unhinged Housewife. While she has calmed down a bit in season two, probably due to her ongoing legal troubles, she has shown her outrageous personality multiple times, screaming and arguing with her castmates.

Jen would fit in perfectly with the women of New Jersey. She would have her hands full with the loud, no-nonsense, aggressive group of women, but if anyone can give it back just as hard, it’s Jen. Margaret would be an easy target since she loves to meddle in everyone else’s business, and the eventual showdown between Jen and Dolores would go down in Housewives history.

Ashley Darby – Salt Lake City

Ashley Darby

Ashley has been the catalyst of a lot of the drama in Potomac. Her feuds with Katie and Candiace stand out from the others and her relationships troubles have made her time on the show strenuous, although season six was uplifting for Ashley as she became a mother.

Ashley could be perfect in Salt Lake City. It would be fun to see Ashley get in on the gossip and conspiracies in Utah. She would likely bond with Whitney and Heather, a party that would be a sight to see. Ashley would probably dig into Mary, and the two would make for a highly entertaining feud that would surely be full of humorous moments and hits below the belt.

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