CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – Visitors to Cleveland got their last impression of the city from Destination Cleveland Ambassadors like Lauren Kodish.

“Bye, folks,” she said holding a “Thanks for Visiting” sign. “Hope you enjoyed your stay.”

Many Cleveland Hopkins International Airport travelers arrived early Monday knowing to expect long lines.

“I was prepared for the crowds,” said Chris Kendrick, traveling with his two girls after moving from Cleveland to Atlanta a year ago. “There was a lot of people out here.”

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials mapped out a plan to alleviate some of those lines, opening at 3:30 Monday morning and people who left received something extra to remember the city.

“Lanyards, some All-Star Game pins, hand sanitizer, and these are Destination Cleveland clean tips,” said Kodish of the souvenirs she handed out. “I think a lot of them are tired from enjoying all the festivities this weekend but I think overall they really enjoyed their time here and had a great visit.”

Kendrick agreed.

“The city was going crazy,” Kendrick said. “There was a lot going on, a lot of events, a lot of parties, a lot of businesses made a lot of money.”

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