Metro Atlanta law enforcement continues to team up to fight crime. One reckless driver was arrested during one such operation last Friday.

The whole thing was caught by Atlanta Police Department’s Phoenix Air Unit. On Feb. 18, the driver of a Jeep Cherokee attempted to lose Georgia State Patrol troopers and East Point police officers during a traffic stop, but it couldn’t lose the eye in the sky. The helicopter caught on camera the driver crashing through several officer vehicles.

The driver eventually crashed into two parked cars leaving the Camp Creek area in the 300 block of McDaniel Street. The driver can be seen running from the vehicle.

“We are proud of the work of our Air Unit; their skills in are unmatched. This unit is invaluable in crime fighting-the video footage speaks for itself. We are glad our team was able to help our law enforcement partners catch these brazen and reckless individuals,” the Atlanta Police Department wrote in a statement.

The driver and passenger were eventually taken into custody. Both were charged with obstruction, however, the driver was charged accordingly by East Point Police.




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