A Warner Robins homeowner had a rather unexpected group of visitors at her front door, a herd of cows.

The normally quiet neighborhood was invaded by dozens of cows mooing loudly. The cows were caught on camera via a Ring Video Doorbell camera. 

The cows did leave some memorable but not permanment damage behind.

The homeowner Alisha said, “The cows completely destroyed my new landscaping and ate my bushes. There are deep holes from the cows walking in the grass, along with some lovely cow pies, but overall fixable damage.”

According to a spokesperson, the cows made their way to the neighborhood after traveling nearly two miles from a dairy farm.

Alisha went on to note that, “There was one cow in particular that I caught on camera trying to eat the Ring Video Doorbell, but it held strong through the whole ordeal. The cow ended up giving up and enjoyed a plant instead.”




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