The County

We have a number of different things to do. A number different cultures that are represented here indicate the world actually lives here, so it makes it a great place for the world to visit, in addition that we just a few miles away from downtown Atlanta, in addition that a few from when the greatest outdoor attractors In the world Stone Mountain Park, so there are a lot of different things to do to meet the different needs from later travelers to business.

Travelers and meets means. Everybody’s needs for most on its tourist attraction. Resume is Stone Mountain Park, the number-one tourist draw in Georgia and among the top visitor destinations in the country. It attracts a whopping, 4 million visitors each year. It’s eclectic mix of activities, outdoor recreation and historical recreations promises something for everyone in the family. Mountain Park is Georgia’s number: one attraction has over 3200 acres of natural beauty, recreation and park attractions.

The County's Attraction

We over have over one dozen attractions throughout the park. We have everything from the treehouse challenge, which is a great boys against girls, time of activity with dueling treehouses. We also have the first 40 theatres in the state of Georgia called tall tales of the south, which has a grandfather that basically teaches the art of storytelling or spinning a tall tale. We have the Scenic Railroad, which is a five mile journey around Stone Mountain with a live show. We also have our riverboat The Scarlet O’Hara, which it takes you out on Stone Mountain Lake. You learn a little bit more about the history of the park. Our number one attraction as the sky lift called the summit Skyride, which takes our guests on a three minute: ride up 825 feet in the air to the top of Stone Mountain from the top of the mountain. On a clear day, you have fantastic views of the skyline of Atlanta.

You can also see the North Georgia Mountains. The parks centerpiece, though, is its monumental sculpture, the largest relief sculpture in the world, covering nearly three years on the face of the largest exposed piece of granite on earth. Its depiction of Confederate President Jefferson, Davis generals, robert e lee and Thomas Stonewall Jackson is actually larger than Mount Rushmore begun in 1912.

It took sixty years to complete during the summer season. It’s the site of a dazzling nightly laser show, but nearly 150 years ago there was a light show of a very different kind in this area. Most people familiar with the Battle of Atlanta, only know it from reading the 1939 film gone with the wind. In fact, much of the battle raged along what is today’s DeKalb Avenue just north of i-20? A result of the fierce fighting most of the pre-war buildings in DeKalb County were destroyed, but not on a dare park in Decatur is home to three structures that were spared.

Among them is the Swanson house built in 1825, only three years after DeKalb County was incorporated. It is the county’s oldest building named for Revolutionary War hero, Johan Zhukov, the cab County predates Atlanta’s Fulton County by 31 years, and some say Atlanta has Decatur Kev’s county seat to thank for its evolution into a transportation crossroads and eventually, one of America’s largest and most Progressive cities, the story that people love to tell is that the City of Decatur turned down the railroad because they thought it would bring pollution, lots of whiskey and bad women, and so the city forefathers said we won’t have the railroad here.

Great story not entirely true. The reality is that the engineers of the railroad got out and determined where the railroad line ought to go and where it ought to terminate where the north-south and east-west line should end and they drove a stake in the ground. Eight miles west of Decatur and said this is where the railroad will terminate thus became the little city. The little community of terminus, which we now know to be Atlanta today, Decatur continues to resist the lure and press of urban sprawl.

It seriously goes about the business of preserving its small-town roots, but manages to do so, while attracting economic growth built in 1898 and remaining the focal point of its downtown. The courthouse on the square is complemented by much more recently built structures. Decatur is also home to DeKalb County’s farmers market. Forget what you think you know about farmers markets. This one is an international affair spreading across 140,000 square feet open 7 days a week.

It offers tough to find food products from around the world, as well as meats, poultry, fish and traditional produce as a commerce and cultural center. Atlanta has a reputation as a melting pot of ethnic backgrounds, nationalities and color DeKalb County. However, with its tremendous diversity contributes heavily to the area’s reputation for ethnic diversification, in fact, it is considered Georgia’s most diverse County.

More than 30 languages are spoken among its 18,000 residents, reflecting a wealth of cultural variation, walking and gawking. As your speed Tom, please aunty, crow is just the ticket. More than 200 dealers have shops, tucked away in homes, churches and stores here, many of which date back to the mid 1800s or take a stroll through East Atlanta village. It’s quaint shops, boutiques and eateries can easily occupy a lazy afternoon if working out your brain is as important as exercising your legs.

The Fernbank Museum of Natural History

It brings the past to life. Captivating, old and young alike. Are a series of permanent and visiting exhibits like the replicas of the world’s largest dinosaur bones, unique to Fernbank the tower over visitors or a trek through the Okefenokee Swamp at dusk? Exhibit it’ll? Have you convinced you’re? Really there still in discovery mode head over to Emory University and the Michael C. Carlos Museum, the largest repository for ancient art in the southeast, it’s packed with more than 16,000 objects, ranging from 9,000 year old idols to contemporary photographs. A constant rotation of some of the exhibits means there’s always something new to see offering nearly 100 motels and hotels and a spectacular array of restaurants to meet any taste and budget to cab County is the ideal place to call home for a weekend a week or Longer and while there’s no way you can get bored with its world-class attractions, Atlanta is right at its doorstep. It’s easy to see why the locals say in and around Atlanta it’s definitely DeKalb County