About the Chamber

Founded in 1938, The DeKalb Chamber of Commerce is “the voice of business in DeKalb County”. Membership contributions in the form of dues or sponsorships go to support the initiatives set by the membership base and ensure that the Chamber is able to communicate with DeKalb County at large about issues directly affecting our community.

The DeKalb Chamber of Commerce is proud of its community and the strength of our united membership. DeKalb County has thousands of professionals with unparalleled expertise and collective influence ~ all working hand-in-hand.

The DeKalb Chamber membership has a long history of working with the rich tapestry of businesses, people and organizations that give the county its leading economic standing in the metro area. The Chamber often initiates public/private partnerships to develop policies and programs to support its key goal: promoting balanced growth to achieve a high quality of life for the county’s residents and workforce.

The DeKalb Chamber has an extensive menu of services that can build your business, give your business additional exposure and provide you with members-only benefits. The DeKalb Chamber can assist with business plans, business administration, business regulations, staring a small business, guide you to licensed businesses for your area, and much more. The DeKalb Chamber can also assist you with getting help for employee benefits, tax services, human resources, payroll and many other business needs.

DeKalb is a great place for business. Businesses are encouraged to support the DeKalb Chamber’s efforts for a business community can only be as strong as its Chamber.