Local Events in Dekalb County

My name is Michael Cerrone, proud under three roses: Realty here in Genoa, doing a little weekly clip talking about local events. So, let’s get it started. Shall we all right Thursday today, februari 23rd? Can you believe that great see we’ve got the Salvation Army Food Pantry? Let’s try it again. Salvation army food pantries spit it out.

Ninety anson noon monday through thursdays from and then also today, with Thursday’s, only 5 to 6 45 cm. So again, great organizations they helping off a lot of people 830 grove street in dekalb. If you can volunteer that’s great too also we hit moving along into Friday, there’s not a whole lot. No events, what’s up with that, anyone, okay, so we’re going to skip in the Saturday. We’ve got the winter craft beer festival at the NIU convocation center 1525 west lincoln highway in decal, 1 to 4 30 ad craft beers prices range from 40 to 50 two dollars for the tickets.

Justing a little bit of drink is going on. There’s a lot of fun all right, also Saturday’s a AARP tax-aide 930 to 1230 decal public library, 30. I’r sorry, 309 oak street in decal. They will be doing these things for low and middle-income taxpayers. You need to bring in all your tax information. All your tax forms and your previous tax returns, so they can help you out too sista to doesn’t give me a phone number, but I’m sure if you show up before nine thirty or just at nine thirty to help you i’d also saturday, the baked potato bar Dinner for 30 p.

M. Genoa, faith united, methodist, church 325, south side street in Genoa, where else all right and then moving along into sunday, jazz at the egyptian theater 2 p.M. And it’s off the second street in decal, p, train, dekalb and sycamore high school bands, jazzman’s And I you jazz band orchestra, you can get to just at the egyptian theater $ 12 adults, ten dollars for seniors and students and then there’s five dollars for 12 min under.

So it’s always a good time over there. It is a fabulous place to go to check it out also on sunday free community, theater 5pm. My heart goes out to these guys. They do this every once in a while. I think it’s awesome. First united methodist church 321 o street in decal, 815. 756. 6301. It’s being put together and hosted by the boy scout troop number 4. So thank you guys and all the adults and people that are helpful.

I think that’s really really awesome. All right, Monday fundraiser another fundraiser st. Catharines option, NOLA doing their youth mission group, a trip fundraiser, the kids are going out to Louisville Kentucky with a bunch of chaperone. So let’s help them out now. The culvers that were referring to is the one in Sycamore 1200 DeKalb Avenue in again, Sycamore 5 to 8 p.M. This coming Monday, februari 28 circle those calendars and show up I’ll, be there for a while, so just go on there and help them out all right.

Moving along into Tuesday, more attacks help this time by goodwill from 1130-2 7pm and it’s at the NIU homes. Student center 600 Lucinda dry in to quell for information 815 375 5201, and this is low to middle income, 1130 again p.M. A.M. To seven pm. So no excuses tax man is right around the corner, all right, bingo shinoda best on 311, south washington 7pm. You hear me talking about that every week, always a good time.

You got bill and Juanita Chapin, who are wonderful people all right, also on Tuesday to the Genoa community, Women’s Club meeting 630pm Resource Bank, where you ask three tenths off route 23 in Genoa, move along into Wednesday. You know I’m adding more sense. More and more these days, rock and bowl for kids sake that goes on March. Second, third, fourth and fifth and Mardi Gras lanes in dekalb right on DeKalb Avenue, A for information, 815, 758, 80, 616 and then last item for Wednesday.

Free blood pressure clinic kish Health System, 599 person drive in decal 9 a.M. To 11am, 8, 15, 7, 4. 8. 89. 62. There’s also one other item here. I’r going to grab some information, my buddies Mitch in julie, lindemann on objective ill Florida 12, an organization called go to nations. I want you to write this down: go to nations o RG global development through community. What they’re doing is finding creative ways to bring food in water into areas to help them sustain life.

Things that we take for granted. I think they’re, these guys are awesome people you can go online again at go. Glt, o n Atia 1s org and find out more. You can go there and it’s a 501 c 3 not-for-profit and go on that site and give. I saw some pretty creative stuff on how they take existing plastic, huge glass containers with water and fish, and allow the people that don’t have access to the stuff that we all take for granted to be able to develop, start and have food.

That’s a direct result of these fairly inexpensive items can, I say, fairly expensive thousands of dollars, obviously, and they need your help, so you got a chance to help them out. Please please please get up on their website and and let them know that he talked to me. Okay, it’s all about helping each other. It’s all about the food supply, which is very limited. There’s people this world have like nothing or very close to.

We are so spoil it’s not funny all right to outlast items here. One in particular is my daughter, Diana my old one, happy birthday girl. Just remember of parents never get older. The kids do. Oh, that happens March. Third, I love you baby and I wish you many many many many more years of good fortune and good luck. So then, okay, love your dad all right. If you like this article, please, like you, can share it with all your friends and family members and get them to you know find out what’s going on here locally.

So if you need, I think real estate wise. Give me a shout 815. 690 to a 4-3. Are you if you don’t want to be bother you I just want to see what’s going on locally with all local real estate, my website, the number three roses realty com so have a great week and we’ll talk to you soon. Thank you. So much