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You know I got my career started in Georgia. As a member of the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce later became its president went on to serve on the board of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. I’ve been a member of the Chamber Chamber of Commerce, my entire professional life.

I did so for many reasons, but, most importantly, business is the heart and soul of free enterprise and of capitalism. A vibrant business activity and a vibrant business lobbying organization is critical to see through the business has a seat at the table in the regulatory process of the United States and political government in the cab counties. Chamber of Commerce has done that over and over and over again decade after decade to leave that County to preeminence in our state and, quite frankly, in the southeastern United States.

I knew as a businessman and my company was a real estate company. If I wasn’t engaged in the community, the County Commission might zone or might do other things to affect construction development in real estate use. That would not be contrary to prosperity and contrary to what we wanted to do. But I knew if I got involved with the chamber: i’d have my ear to the ground. I’d be a part of the voices that were arguing, businesses, position for the Chamber of Commerce and those who effected zoning law, regulatory law and construction standards.

So it’s a delight for me to stay here tonight and be with you and just encourage you to take a look at the today Champaign Chamber of Commerce and thank you for getting involved with it and encourage you to get involved with it for a long long Period of time, without business having a voice at the table, a seat at the table and a place in the deliberations of the regulation of business, then you’re going to find yourself behind the 8-ball in not moving ahead.

The cab County has always moved forward. It’s always moved ahead and in large measures because of this Chamber of Commerce and the good members it has. So congratulations on your interest. I hope you will find a way to join and be a member be active in it and make sure your thoughts are heard. Your voice is heard, your business is representative and the camp County continues to grow as a prosperous place to do business in Georgia.


Bankruptcy Lawyer
Cabinet Refacing
Commercial Cleaning Company
Corporate Attorney
Cosmetic Surgery
Criminal Law Attorney
Family Law Attorney
Financial Advisor
Flooring Store

Graphic Designer
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Insurance Agent
Interior Designer
Lawn Care Service
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Oral Surgeon
Painting Contractor
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Physical Therapy
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