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What A Digital Marketing Consultant Does

The job of a digital marketing consultant is pretty vast and I think it’s very easy for potential clients to not understand the scope of what exactly a consultant may do when it comes to digital marketing. There’s so many areas, and so today I’m going to define it for you. 

Digital marketing consultants, they have one primary job and that is to map digital across the entire eight stage customer journey. 

Now, if you don’t know the eight stage customer journey, let me quickly remind you: it’s awareness, engagement, subscription conversion, onboarding offers advocacy and promotion. 

So essentially, digital marketing consulting is all about taking those eight stages and mapping out campaigns for each of them, making sure there’s coherence across the board.


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Many of our customers need help with one separate area, let’s say awareness right now. So we are going to work on that separate area first instead of the entire customer journey. We start by looking at what you have done so far for awareness and we will do what’s called an audit and then we will suggest what you could do going forward on the various major platforms, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Now there might be some implications regarding messaging or tone, or maybe each platform needs to be treated differently with a different voice.

Many of our customers are looking for something else. Maybe you want to improve sales for the next four quarters as a good digital marketing consultant. We think it is important that you understand that our job as a good digital marketing consultant is to let you know that the process of selling is much different than the process of acquiring. So in this case as a great marketing consultant you need to understand that a different approach will be taken by our company. Again each decision is carefully examined and the best alternative is suggested. As an example, maybe your business needs some email campaigns.

Whatever your needs are, please feel free to reach out and contact us about what you are looking for.  We are here to help with your needs.